Sunday, June 14, 2009

(Summary) Stake Leadership Meeting - Counselors over Activity Days

At auxiliary training, the Counselors over Activity Days and Kerrilynn Robinson discussed the Stake Activity Day coming up on June 12.

Packets of information, invitations, and a poster were handed out. Each ward in attendance shared ideas for activity days in their wards that have worked well for them this year. Some examples of activities included prayer rocks, bookmarks, Mother's Day gifts, making pajama bottoms, tying fleece covers over pillows, ongoing scrapbooks, photo shoot, learning to conduct music while drawing with chalk, and completing activities that follow "My Gospel Standards" and the "Faith in God" booklet.

Below are a couple of Successful Activity Day Activities from Janice Merkley -

**She went through the Faith in God booklet and numbered the requirements under each category. That is why the notes say page 7, #7 or whatever requirement it may be.

Learn a Song (Page 10, #2)
We learned to play a Primary song with hand bells. It took some work to find one that was in the right key and only used eight notes. We also played a couple of just fun songs with the bells. We had the girls trade the bells around so that they had a different color of bell each time and had to be alert and watching for their notes each time. They all seemed to enjoy it.

Word of Wisdom (Page 7, #7)
We took turns reading aloud and discussing the Word of Wisdom from the D & C. I had vegetables and fruit for the girls to cut up and make their own snack as well as some dip for the veggies. The girls all really enjoyed that and seemed to have a reasonable understanding of the Word of Wisdom.

PS: The complete document (w/ideas) will be emailed to all the Activity Counselors in the stake.

Watch for it! :)

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